Spook-a-phone construction

Alan Wilder, Spookaphone
Alan Wilder in 1986

Speak and Spell in 2013

Building re-constructions of Alan Wilder’s 1986 sunflower spook-a-phone was really no small feat with several technical challenges and, dare I admit it, design changes. ¬†Building, testing, rebuilding, re-testing all took its toll but the result is three spook-a-phones with 4 channels each.

They had to be modular, easily repaired lightweight, robust, reasonably cheap to rebuild and of course we also had to source and prepare sounds together to trigger from them. They are after all working drum triggers.

Luckily we documented the whole construction.

Those who saw us recently in Hamburg will have seen these in action. And it has to be said, after years of appreciation it was enormously satisfying to whack them along to stripped.