The Songs We Play

IMG_9498 psSpeak and Spell know from experience as fans and performers which types of song work best in a live environment and which types of songs best follow others. We customize our set lists for every gig very carefully indeed and have particular ways of doing this to ensure the show is the best it can possibly be.

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Tracks from Albums
Speak & Spell : Album Info
New Life (Single)
Boys Say Go
Tora Tora Tora
Just Cant Get Enough (Single)
The first album recorded in London at Blackwing dm-SS-150Studios (Room 1) using the resources immediately available and known to Mute records. A truly groundbreaking and innocent, somewhat adorable, analogue futurist synth pop career-launcher.
A Broken Frame : Album Info
Leave in Silence (Single)
See You (Single)
Sun and the Rainfall (piano)
Sun and the Rainfall (full production)
More whistfull, transitional recovery from losing dm-ABF-150Vince Clarke who went on to form Yazoo and Erasure. While still analogue ABF used a PPG Wave 2.0 digital wavetable synthesizer. Recorded at Blackwing (Room 2)
Construction Time Again : Album Info
Everything Counts (Single)
Two Minute Warning
Told You So
Love in Itself
Produced with new member Alan Wilder this was dm-CTA-150crafted in Berlin with different influences, more experimental and the beginnings of a unique working process with FM and sampling and further use of wavetable synthesis. This album polarized UK opinion about Depeche Mode.
Some Great Reward : Album Info
Something to Do
Lie to Me
People are People (Single)
If You Want
Blasphemous Rumours (as Intro)
The fourth album continued on where Contructiondm-SGR-150 Time Again left off but more commercially, re-launching the band properly into American sub culture.
Black Celebration : Album Info
Black Celebration
Fly on the Windscreen
It Doesn’t Matter Two
A Question of Time (Single)
Stripped (101 live/Black Day mix version)
Stripped (Single)
World Full of Nothing (Piano)
Dressed in Black (Piano)
New Dress
An integration of their influences seamlessly dm-BC-150merged with Gore’s sentiments and ideas. This is the point where many feel Depeche Mode started to be at their most accomplished
Music for the Masses : Album Info
Never Let me Down Again (Live with Aggro Mix)
The Things You Said
Strangelove (Single)
Behind the Wheel (Single)
I Want you Now
Route 66
Pimpf (piano)
To Have and To Hold
Little 15
The same emotive creativity as BC but born from a dm-MFTM-150perfection of their processes into material that delivered Gore’s messages in a style they were in control of and created for the stadium.
Violator : Album Info
World in my Eyes (Single)
Sweetest Perfection
Personal Jesus (Devotional Live version)
Personal Jesus (Single)
Halo (Goldfrapp remix)
Waiting for the Night
Enjoy the Silence (Single)
Policy of Truth (Single)
Blue Dress
Their processes were  discarded in 1990 to produce dm-V-150the seventh and real US crossover album ‘Violator’, a perfect and democratic marriage of artistic and sonic elements that quite rightly took DEPECHE MODE to the commercial high ground that had always been theirs.
Songs of Faith and Devotion : Album Info
I Feel You (Single)
Walking in My Shoes (Devotional)
One Caress (Strings live or Piano)
Higher Love
In 1993 their eighth album was the real stumbling dm-SOFAD-150block. A forced and disparate process with the band pulling in four directions yet producing an organic performance focused output, perfect in every way except for what recording it and the subsequent 15 month tour did to the band, eventually driving Alan Wilder away and nearly killing relationships and Gahan through the excesses of the tour. This was the end of the Wilder era and from here the feel and the sound changed dramatically.
Ultra : Album Info
It’s No Good (Single)
Sister of Night (Piano)
Insight (Piano)
Bringing in Tim Simenon to attempt to replace dm-U-150Wilder’s lost texture produced mixed results as the arrangements, sounds and programming on ‘Ultra’ were far less intricate, even considered. However Gore’s material just as, if not more accomplished and to date Ultra tracks remain fan favorites
Exciter : Album Info
A collection of subtle songs that grew on the dm-E-150listener’s heart with each play and ending with the gorgeous ‘I am You’ and ‘Goodnight Lovers’. ‘Exciter’ was pure Gore.
Playing the Angel : Album Info
John the Revelator A harsh, surprising and welcome return of the dm-PTA-150Depeche Mode of old. Religion, sin, suffering and damage pour over the tracks of ‘Playing the Angel’with a production that started to steer the band back to the sentiments of Black Celebration, but not anthemic enough for a Violator of Music for the Masses comparison
Sounds of the Universe : Album Info
Wrong (Single)
A less successful affair despite. A collection with dm-SOTU-150some great songs but the production and instrumentation didn’t gel well for many a fan and it seemed to miss a truly catchy chorus. It was however still classic ‘mode’ with tracks like ‘Corrupt’ and lyrics like “they could sedate you, but what good would drugs be“.
Delta Machine : Album Info
Heaven (Single) (first ever)
Soothe my Soul (Single)
Minimally produced the songs show that DEPECHE dm-DM-150MODE focus on the music and the message first, not the technology where they remain surprisingly ambivalent. The album has its highs and lows but one song has polarised opinions. ‘The Child Inside’ sung by Gore is a cold slow track and predictably that alone is enough to put some people off. The lyrics metaphorically refer to body parts, drowning children and dolls but really explore how life can rob a person of their soul, their inner Child. It is, in this regard, classic ‘Mode’ but like much of what Gore does, often misunderstood.


Non Album tracks or B Sides played 
Dreaming of Me (Single)
Shake the Disease (Single)
Get the Balance Right (Single)
Ice Machine
But Not Tonight (Piano)
Death’s Door (Piano)
Surrender (Piano)
It’s Called a Heart