Why we are different

Homepage-084While some tribute acts use ‘approximate’ sounds and dress up a bit, Speak and Spell don’t.

Unless a tribute act member is a professional musician (often playing in a few bands at the same time) they are nearly always fans. We are obviously fans. Obsessive ones really. But, unlike many in our position, all three of our keyboard players have formally studied music technology with Keith being professionally involved In specialist areas.

All of our sounds are recreated with no expense spared in cost or time from either the original machines (check our equipment list), or the same sound libraries, plus we have access to sounds that simply no one else has. This is why we sound so close sometimes that people can’t believe it’s not the record.

We also tailor performances to particular ages of Depeche Mode if a promoter or party host has a preference. Not only this but as we play in numerous sizes of venue we made our show scalable and modular.

DSC_5715We will also bring in classic physical elements such as our custom spook-a-phone drum triggers, additional programmed lighting and video on two screens, all of which helps to augment the show in larger arenas or smaller clubs.

We’ve built up quite a following in both our native UK and on the continent. We now are expanding our portfolio of gigs to play in places ranging from the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest sea.

If you’re interested in having us play at your event – no matter where in the world you may be – please get in touch.

See you next time!