Depeche Mode Tribute Play Glastonbury

Depeche Mode Tribute at Glastonbury

Depeche Mode Tribute at Glastonbury

Well it  came and went and Depeche Mode tribute Speak and Spell can now legitimately say “we have played Glastonbury“.

We were honoured to be asked last year and very aware we were unable to tell anyone until the end of May. Then the announcement and then the gig.  And what a gig. We were extremely happy with the reception we received.

The show was logistically interesting for us with the equipment having to be moved between car parks and transported up to the back of the stage by Glastonbury staff (we’ve seen this before at two different festivals previously, and it makes perfect sense.)

All in all  we had to overcome some challenges but we hit the show on time and with a confidence you can only get by being prepared and rehearsed. And working with real professionals was an absolute honour. Fantastic stage sound and really great sound, roadie and technical guys.

We were prepared for an empty stage first thing in the morning but were surprised to see a crowd forming during the line check. We came on on time to a welcoming cheer and delivered Strangelove, a mixture of the 101 version and the single. This went down very well and the crowd just got better as we marched into Everything Counts. Our new masses design Spook-a-Phones were well received with Stripped and the crowd got warmer and warmer until the end.

Exhausted from the whole experience we came off stage and were, shall we say, in trance for a fair while.

Depeche Mode tribute Glastonbury

Our final setlist (as passed to the lovely lady at the PRS) was

1.) Strangelove : 4:57
2.) Everything Counts : 4:52
3.) Stripped : 6:15
4.) Walking : 6:25
5.) Personal Jesus : 5:49
6.) Just Can’t Get Enough : 4:56
7.) Enjoy the Silence : 6:24
Total 39:38… (22 seconds inside our 40 minute set limit)


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2 thoughts on “Depeche Mode Tribute Play Glastonbury

  1. Brett

    You were absolutely fab guys. One of me and my mates highlights. I’ll be looking out for you


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