It’s Bas-tastic – S&S June 20 – Mesh 21

Mesh to Headline Bas 2014


We’re getting pretty excited at the prospect of playing Bas again for the 4th consecutive year on 20th  June 2014.

The ‘Bas’ events were started in 2010 as  tribute to Depeche Mode and the connected Basildon acts. Besides the gigs there have been all manner of other events from bus tours and memorabilia displays plus of course giving devout Depeche Mode fans a chance to visit the fabled stamping grounds of Clarke, Gore, Fletcher, Moyet and Gahan, meet and befriends a lot of their old school mates and get a bit closer to the legend.

The event has changed somewhat since the first year and has seen bands such as Blancmange and Heaven 17 involved. Speak and Spell have proudly been with Bas since it was first discussed in concept and supported it all the way through,  headlined the final nights.

But this year we don’t mind stepping aside to headline the Friday instead with Modovar because then we get to kick back and watch the mighty Mesh on Saturday with support from Sinestar.

Mesh are a serious electronic act with an international following they richly deserve. In fact we are certain their 2013 album ‘Automation Baby’ was one of the best albums of the year along with releases from Depeche Mode, OMD and Vile Electrodes. Check out the official Mesh website 

Tickets for this event ARE selling out fast. That isn’t a cheesey sales line as the Bas ticket office is now reporting extremely good sales in only a few days. So If you are planning on coming along, get in early, get your ticket secured and book your hotel (they also sell out and get more expensive as  time goes on).

Tickets for Bas2014 are at :
as Facebook is here :

Come and see the new Speak and Spell show and get this chance to see a band who are from our perspective one of the UK’s top electronic act.


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